Our Work Process

How AXIOM Technologies help to your business grow and successful

 For any business, Clients are always at the core.We create digitally adaptable products, not just features. These are the real world problems and the solutions are futuristic.And we make sure we deliver them regardless of any factors that may hinder the development or progress. Everything is in control. You know your destination? We know how to take you there. In the long term, our priority is on making your company succeed.

Our Work Process Step by Step



Develop a thorough understanding of your company, project requirement, target audience and objectives. We want to hear you talk about your business, your needs, and your vision.


Construct a framework for your project to take shape within in terms of strategy, production and time. We work through navigational and usability issues, we take into account your existing brand and audience.


Present purposeful designs that reflect your objectives and outline the final project aesthetic. We love designing beautiful websites that convey both your message and your personality to the online world.


Implement and develop designs into functional prototypes and documents. We enjoy using pixels and code to solve your business problems and to increase your visibility.

Start As a Freelancer

Axiom Technologies had its start when its three founders decided to collaborate and begin working together. One specializes in user interface designs, another in the development of Web applications and standalone applications, and the third is a specialist in the creation of works of art, designs, and other creative endeavors. We began off by developing little web apps and websites, as well as doing other modest visual work such as designing logos, leaflets, and posters. We were helping friends and family members out with their tasks.

We Start Axiom Technologies As a Company 2009

We Start Axiom Technologies As a Company

The number of tasks we were given to work on, both in terms of application development and creative works, began to gradually expand. As we did not have legitimate bank accounts and we were not established as a company, it was impossible for us to send professional invoices in our capacity as a business. As a result, we came to the conclusion that it is time for us to give a performance as a firm. We set aside a tiny amount of the money that was earned from the projects so that we could use it for it, and in the middle of 2009, we established the company as a PVT LTD.

We Start Axiom Technologies As a Company

Expaned Digital Solutions

After we had registered our company in such a manner, we expanded our operations to include additional jobs such as providing software solutions, creative works, and other digital solutions.


We Become a Leading Company

Our company made a leap of faith when we started delivering digital solutions to Sri Lankan clients after Axiom Technologies began doing so. The number of projects that were coming in gradually increased. New clients with a wide variety of needs began to seek us out, along with government initiatives and projects for small businesses. Our Axiom Technologies crew was able to conquer each one of them in an excellent manner.

We started social media marketing 2013

We started social media marketing

The Axiom Technologies Social Media Marketing and Social Media Branding departments were eventually integrated. Axiom Technologies came to the conclusion that the company would be in a better position to achieve great things in the future if it can locate a very big consumer base via social media, thus the company decided to grow into that market area. Hence, the Axiom Technologies team began offering these kinds of services to a variety of other social media platforms.

We started social media marketing

Start IT networking & Security

We launched our IT networking and security operations. Our Axiom Technologies family, which had humble beginnings, has since developed significantly, and as a result, so have the solutions that we provide. In addition to that, we began delivering services in the areas of networking and security. Axiom Technologies' CCTV services, as well as the computer networking and associated security services, have been added to our roster of available options as a result of our company's expansion.

Engaging Foreign projects 2017

Engaging Foreign projects

We began working on projects in other countries. Up until recently, all of our work has been done in Sri Lanka; however, recently we have begun accepting smaller jobs in other countries. That was something genuinely new for us all. We were able to get fresh experiences from a variety of various sources, such as the varied expectations of new customers. We were pleasantly surprised by the level of appreciation that our services received. They began making repeated use of the services provided by Axiom Technologies.

Engaging Foreign projects

Expanded our business

There are many variation of passages of security technologies available. The majority have suffered alteration in some form by injected a security systems. This systems security is away some which don’t look even slightly believable.

Reform with a IT brand-Axiom 2021

Reform with a IT brand-Axiom

We reorganized under the Axiom brand of information technology. This year, we had the idea that we needed to do something a little bit different. We established a name for ourselves in the marketplace by means of the firm Axiom Technologies. We reorganized around an entirely new concept. The customer base's expectations on the manner in which we provide our services prompted not only a change in the overall theme, but also in our vision and mission statements.

Reform with a IT brand-Axiom

Offering varies Jobs to Freelancers

The impact that Covid had was really significant. Since it got more difficult for us to travel, we decided to concentrate more on working from home. We were forced to abandon a few of our ventures as well. Notwithstanding this, we are carrying on with our work in a manner that is consistent with our objectives, aims, and strategies.

This is the kind of journey that Axiom Technologies Sri Lanka has come up to date. Today, we provide services like

  • Axiom technologies Web Design & Development service
  • Axiom technologies Commerce & Shopping Carts Development service
  • Axiom technologies Brand / Product Logo Designing service
  • Axiom technologies Company Profile Designing service
  • Axiom technologies Product Brochure Designing service
  • Axiom technologies Product Photography and Image Retouching service
  • Axiom technologies Web Application Development
  • Axiom technologies WordPress Web Development
  • Digital Marketing

In addition, IT Consultancy and Factory Automation Robotics Services are provided according to the customer’s needs.

Our Histroy