photo retouching

Product photo retouching is like seasoning for a dish: you only need a pinch of it and it makes all the difference. However, this service is often perceived by many as a magic wand that can fix it all. In this piece we’ll explore how this assumption could be misleading. Here are a few tips for truly unique product photography.

The Two Types of Ecommerce Product Photos

Clean-cut, white background, product-only images.

These are often the most common type of image you’ll see across product catalogs and product pages. With the simple, no-frills background, these photos focus primarily on the product itself, often displaying the item from multiple angles and distances.

In-context or lifestyle photos.

To really bring your brand to life, these photos feature your product in action, often photographed with a model or other complementary products. This helps your customers envision what it would look like to use your product in their everyday life and create a more personal connection with your brand.

High-quality images enhance every buyer touchpoint.

93% of shoppers say that visual appearance is the key deciding factor in their purchasing decisions.

If that’s the case, then your product photos shouldn’t be left on the backburner.

Most interactions that a customer has with your brand should contain some sort of illustration that helps them envision your brand instead of simply reading or hearing about it. This means your product photos shouldn’t simply stop at your product pages — they should be weaved throughout your social platforms, advertisements, packaging and more.